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Sensing of electrolytes in urine using a miniaturized paper-based device

F Ghaderinezhad, HC Koydemir, DTseng, DKarinca, K Liang, A Ozcan, S Tasoglu

Scientific Reports 10 (1), 1-9, 2020

Continuous-ink, multiplexed pen-plotter approach for low-cost, high-throughput fabrication of paper-based microfluidics

R Amin, F Ghaderinezhad, L Li, E Lepowsky, B Yenilmez, S Knowlton, S Tasoglu

Analytical Chemistry 89 (12), 6351-6357, 2017

3D-printed smartphone-based point of care tool for fluorescence-and magnetophoresis-based cytometry

S Knowlton, A Joshi, P Syrrist, AF Coskun, S Tasoglu

Lab on a Chip 17 (16), 2839-2851, 2017

Three-dimensional-printed carnivorous plant with snap trap

M Temirel, B Yenilmez, S Knowlton, J Walker, A Joshi, S Tasoglu

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 3 (4), 244-251, 2016

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Self‐contained handheld magnetic platform for point of care cytometry in biological samples

B Yenilmez, S Knowlton, S Tasoglu

Advanced Materials Technologies 1 (9), 1600144, 2016

Towards single-step biofabrication of organs on a chip via 3D printing

S Knowlton, B Yenilmez, S Tasoglu

Trends in biotechnology 34 (9), 685-688, 2016

A bioprinted liver-on-a-chip for drug screening applications

S Knowlton, S Tasoglu

Trends in biotechnology 34 (9), 681-682, 2016

Label‐free sickle cell disease diagnosis using a low‐cost, handheld platform

B Yenilmez, S Knowlton, CH Yu, MM Heeney, S Tasoglu

Advanced Materials Technologies 1 (5), 1600100, 2016

Advancing cancer research using bioprinting for tumor-on-a-chip platforms

S Knowlton, A Joshi, B Yenilmez, IT Ozbolat, CK Chua, A Khademhosseini, S Tasoglu

International Journal of Bioprinting 2 (2), 111-116, 2016

3D-printed microfluidic chips with patterned, cell-laden hydrogel constructs

S Knowlton, CH Yu, F Ersoy, S Emadi, A Khademhosseini, S Tasoglu

Biofabrication 8 (2), 025019, 2016

3D-printed microfluidic devices

R Amin, S Knowlton, A Hart, B Yenilmez, F Ghaderinezhad, S Katebifar, M Messina, A Khademhosseini, S Tasoglu

Biofabrication 8 (2), 022001, 2016

Smart-phone attachable, flow-assisted magnetic focusing device

R Amin, S Knowlton, B Yenilmez, A Hart, A Joshi, S Tasoglu

RSC advances 6 (96), 93922-93931, 2016

Utilizing stem cells for three-dimensional neural tissue engineering

S Knowlton, Y Cho, XJ Li, A Khademhosseini, S Tasoglu

Biomaterials science 4 (5), 768-784, 2016

Sickle cell detection using a smartphone

SM Knowlton, I Sencan, Y Aytar, J Khoory, MM Heeney, IC Ghiran, …

Scientific reports 5, 15022, 2015

Highlighted in several media outlets

Deformation of a single mouse oocyte in a constricted microfluidic channel

ZY Luo, S Güven, I Gozen, P Chen, S Tasoglu, RM Anchan, BF Bai, U Demirci

Microfluidics and nanofluidics 19 (4), 883-890, 2015

Bioprinting for cancer research

S Knowlton, S Onal, CH Yu, JJ Zhao, S Tasoglu

Trends in biotechnology 33 (9), 504-513, 2015

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Smart-phone based magnetic levitation for measuring densities

S Knowlton, CH Yu, N Jain, IC Ghiran, S Tasoglu

PLoS One 10 (8), e0134400, 2015

Levitational image cytometry with temporal resolution

S Tasoglu, JA Khoory, HC Tekin, C Thomas, AE Karnoub, IC Ghiran, U Demirci

Advanced Materials 27 (26), 3901-3908, 2015

Magnetic levitational assembly for living material fabrication

S Tasoglu, CH Yu, V Liaudanskaya, S Guven, C Migliaresi, U Demirci

Advanced healthcare materials 4 (10), 1469-1476, 2015

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Multiscale assembly for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

S Guven, P Chen, F Inci, S Tasoglu, B Erkmen, U Demirci

Trends in biotechnology 33 (5), 269-279, 2015

Microfluidics for sperm research

SM Knowlton, M Sadasivam, S Tasoglu

Trends in biotechnology 33 (4), 221-229, 2015

Featured the cover of journal
Highlighted in several media outlets

Advances in nanotechnology and microfluidics for human papillomavirus diagnostics

S Tasoglu, HC Tekin, F Inci, S Knowlton, SQ Wang, F Wang-Johanning, G Johanning, D Colevas, U Demirci

Proceedings of the IEEE 103 (2), 161-178, 2015

Two-dimensional numerical study of flow dynamics of a nucleated cell tethered under shear flow

ZY Luo, L He, SQ Wang, S Tasoglu, F Xu, U Demirci, BF Bai

Chemical Engineering Science 119, 236-244, 2014

Guided and magnetic self-assembly of tunable magnetoceptive gels

S Tasoglu, CH Yu, HI Gungordu, S Guven, T Vural, U Demirci

Nature communications 5 (1), 1-11, 2014

Highlighted in Nature Physics, 10, 706 (2014)
Highlighted in Nature 514, 574–575, (2014)
Highlighted in several media outlets

Microscale assembly directed by liquid‐based template

P Chen, Z Luo, S Güven, S Tasoglu, AV Ganesan, A Weng, U Demirci

Advanced materials 26 (34), 5936-5941, 2014

Featured in the back cover of Advanced Materials

Untethered micro-robotic coding of three-dimensional material composition

S Tasoglu, E Diller, S Guven, M Sitti, U Demirci

Nature communications 5 (1), 1-9, 2014

Micro-a-fluidics ELISA for rapid CD4 cell count at the point-of-care

SQ Wang, S Tasoglu, PZ Chen, M Chen, R Akbas, S Wach, CI Ozdemir, UA Gurkan, FF Giguel, DR Kuritzkes, U Demirci

Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-9, 2014

Exhaustion of racing sperm in nature‐mimicking microfluidic channels during sorting

S Tasoglu, H Safaee, X Zhang, JL Kingsley, PN Catalano, UA Gurkan, A Nureddin, E Kayaalp, RM Anchan, RL Maas, E Tüzel, U Demirci

Small 9 (20), 3374-3384, 2013

Highlighted in Nature Medicine, 19(4), 800 (2013)
Featured the inside cover of journal
Highlighted in Boston Magazine; Boston Globe;; WPI and BWH News.

Nanoplasmonic quantitative detection of intact viruses from unprocessed whole blood

F Inci, O Tokel, SQ Wang, UA Gurkan, S Tasoglu, DR Kuritzkes, U Demirci

ACS nano 7 (6), 4733-4745, 2013


Bioprinting: Functional droplet networks

NG Durmus, S Tasoglu, U Demirci

Nature materials 12 (6), 478-479, 2013

Flow induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition, cellular heterogeneity and biomarker modulation in 3D ovarian cancer nodules

I Rizvi, UA Gurkan, S Tasoglu, N Alagic, JP Celli, LB Mensah, Z Mai, U Demirci, T Hasan

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (22), E1974-E1983, 2013

Transient swelling, spreading, and drug delivery by a dissolved anti-HIV microbicide-bearing film

S Tasoglu, LC Rohan, DF Katz, AJ Szeri

Physics of Fluids 25 (3), 031901, 2013

Highlighted in American Institute of Physics, PoF Research Highlights.

Paramagnetic levitational assembly of hydrogels

S Tasoglu, D Kavaz, UA Gurkan, S Guven, P Chen, R Zheng, U Demirci

Advanced Materials 25 (8), 1137-1143, 2013

Featured in the cover of journal (February 2013)

Manipulating biological agents and cells in micro-scale volumes for applications in medicine

S Tasoglu, UA Gurkan, SQ Wang, U Demirci

Chemical Society Reviews 42 (13), 5788-5808, 2013

Bioprinting for stem cell research

S Tasoglu, U Demirci

Trends in biotechnology 31 (1), 10-19, 2013

Featured the cover of journal (January 2013).
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Chosen to be included in Trends Limited Edition-Perspectives in Stem Cell Research.

Transient spreading and swelling behavior of a gel deploying an anti-HIV topical microbicide

S Tasoglu, DF Katz, AJ Szeri

Journal of non-Newtonian fluid mechanics 187, 36-42, 2012

Smart interface materials integrated with microfluidics for on‐demand local capture and release of cells

UA Gurkan, S Tasoglu, D Akkaynak, O Avci, S Unluisler, S Canikyan, N MacCallum, U Demirci

Advanced healthcare materials 1 (5), 661-668, 2012

Emerging technologies for assembly of microscale hydrogels

UA Gurkan, S Tasoglu, D Kavaz, MC Demirel, U Demirci

Advanced healthcare materials 1 (2), 149-158, 2012

The consequences of yield stress on deployment of a non-Newtonian anti-HIV microbicide gel

S Tasoglu, SC Park, JJ Peters, DF Katz, AJ Szeri

Journal of non-Newtonian fluid mechanics 166 (19-20), 1116-1122, 2011

The effects of inhomogeneous boundary dilution on the coating flow of an anti-HIV microbicide vehicle

S Tasoglu, JJ Peters, SC Park, S Verguet, DF Katz, AJ Szeri

Physics of fluids 23 (9), 093101, 2011

Selected for the September 2011 issue of Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research.

A continuous mapping of sleep states through association of EEG with a mesoscale cortical model

BA Lopour, S Tasoglu, HE Kirsch, JW Sleigh, AJ Szeri

Journal of Computational Neuroscience 30 (2), 471-487, 2011

Impact of a compound droplet on a flat surface: A model for single cell epitaxy

S Tasoglu, G Kaynak, AJ Szeri, U Demirci, M Muradoglu

Physics of Fluids 22 (8), 082103, 2010

A front-tracking method for computational modeling of impact and spreading of viscous droplets on solid walls

M Muradoglu, S Tasoglu

Computers & Fluids 39 (4), 615-625, 2010

The effect of soluble surfactant on the transient motion of a buoyancy-driven bubble

S Tasoglu, U Demirci, M Muradoglu

Physics of fluids 20 (4), 040805, 2008



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