Getting started as an Undergraduate Researcher

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Getting started as an Undergraduate Researcher

Before coming to the lab, you should plan the working schedule with your graduate student supervisor. Also, you should let him/her know one day in advance that you will come to the lab. It would also be helpful if you let him/her know one day in advance that you plan to visit the lab.

Getting an intern ID card (for non-Koc Univ. interns)

Please follow the instructions below:

  • After one month (unless scheduled earlier by your grad student), your performance and commitment will be evaluated and you can be eligible to get temporary ID card for the campus entrance. In order to do so, please get confirmation from your graduate student supervisor.
  • Once confirmed, ensure all the necessary documents asked by the Occupational Health and Safety department are filled out and signed.
  • Then, send this email to and CC Savaş and your graduate student supervisor.

“Hello, I am XXX . I am intern in Tasoglu Lab. I would like to get an intern ID card with confirmation from my lab supervisor Dr. Savaş Taşoğlu (CC’ed). I would appreciate it if you could share the documents I need to fill out.



(“Merhaba ben XXX .Taşoğlu Lab’de stajyerim. Lab yöneticimiz Dr. Savaş Taşoğlu’nun (CC’ed) onayı ile bir stajyer kimlik kartı almak istiyorum. Doldurmam gereken evrakları paylaşırsanız sevinirim.



And you’ll pick up your ID card from HR.

Getting physical access to the lab space

After you get your ID Card, send an email to to get temporary access to our lab (please CC Savaş and your graduate student supervisor.).


When your position ends, fill out the lab survey about your experience in our lab. Then you can leave your card to the Human Resources Department(HR).

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